An Urgent Update:

Please distribute this message to all language teachers and ask them to contact the legislators to authorize the $7 million requested by the State Education Department to preserve our LOTE Assessments. You may also want to contact the Regents immediately by email or phone before the meeting on Monday.

The following recommendation from John B. King Jr. on Assessment Cost Reduction Strategies will be discussed on Monday by the EMSC Committee:


If the State budget includes the $7 million that the Regents have requested for the assessment program, the Department recommends that the strategies in Chart A (below) be made to offset the remainder of the deficit. If the State budget does not include the $7 million that the Regents have requested, or a final State Budget is not in place by August 1, 2010, the Department recommends that in addition to the strategies in Chart A, the strategies in Chart B (below) also be made to eliminate the deficit. If all of the cost savings strategies included on Charts A and B are made there will still be a remaining deficit of approximately $1.1 million. The Department will continue to explore additional cost reduction strategies to eliminate the remaining deficit.

A decision by the Board of Regents is needed this month in order for the necessary reductions in the assessment program to be made beginning with the 2010-11 school year.

Chart A

Strategy Number of Students Tested Estimated Savings
Review all test development processes to reduce reliance on Education Specialists (Special Payroll employees paid on an hourly basis) and limit their involvement to critical work e.g. standard setting N/A $1.25 million
Discontinue paper-based scoring materials for Regents exams and post all scoring training materials and answer keys to website to let schools download prior to scoring N/A $.60 million
Eliminate Component Retesting in Math & ELA 9,000 $1.6 million
Eliminate Grades 5 and 8 Social Studies Exams 447,000 $.80 million
Total Estimated Savings for Chart A Strategies $4.25 million

Chart B

Strategy Number of Students Tested Estimated Savings
Eliminate Grade 8 Second Language Proficiency exams 114,000 $2.0 million
Eliminate August Administration of Algebra 2/Trigonometry and Chemistry exams 17,000 $.8 million
Eliminate HS Foreign Language Regents exams except for Spanish and French 16,000 $1.2 million
Immediately discontinue translating exams into Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Korean, & Russian- Continue Spanish and perform the work with Department staff. 22,000 $.75 million
Eliminate January Administration of Regents Exams 300,000 $1.4 million
Total Estimated Savings for Chart B Strategies $6.15 million

Here are the necessary links:

I hope at some point to be the bearer of better news. I have emailed all the Regents - now on to the legislators. Let’s not go down without a fight!


Sue Hochmuth