NYSAFLT Professional Webinars for Educators
NYSAFLT will offer a series of webinars throughout the 2014-2015 school year that will address multiple facets of foreign language education. You are encouraged to register at your earliest convenience for any of the webinars below.
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Beth Slocum
November 13 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)
IPA 101: Connect the dots with Can-Do Statements and Integrated Performance Assessments (IPA)
The Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) empowers you to create a seamless connection between instruction and assessment. By connecting the dots of the current research in instructional design, the IPA enables learners to demonstrate their ability to communicate within specific goal areas. This workshop will review the components of the IPA, model performance-based authentic assessments and identify resources for creating your own IPAs.  

Linda Egnatz
December 4 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)
Keys to Kindling Communication
Data suggests that the only way to learn a language is to practice speaking it. It also suggests that students who use the language in class feel more successful, achieve higher levels of performance and are more likely to continue language learning. The key to growing language proficiency and retention seems to be getting students to speak more. Increase communication in your classroom by lowering affective filter and learning strategies that will increase risk taking and spark conversation. 

Joanne O'Toole, Ph.D
January 29 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)
Starting with the Text
This webinar will discuss and demonstrate ways to plan for students' language development and cultural learning by starting with a text. Attention will be given to both narrative and authentic (informational) texts and lower and higher levels of instruction.

Pat Lo
February 12 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)  
Integrating Content Areas into Language Classrooms – What We Can Learn from Immersion Programs
“Connections” is one of the ACTFL’s five Standards. In immersion programs, where content areas such as math, science, and social studies are taught in the target language, “Connections” becomes imperative and it is an anchor for language instruction. This webinar will discuss why and how foreign language teachers can apply this content area approach in their language classrooms. Examples will be given in Chinese.


Candace Black
March 19 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)
Common Core Reading Strategies - Transformative World Language Instruction from the Inside Out
Texts, whether digital or traditional print, form the basis of how we communicate and react to the world. Students' ability to decipher and comprehend a broad range of texts has become even more essential to their success with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards. This workshop will review how to find and scaffold appropriate authentic documents, develop questioning techniques, teach text marking, develop text-handling exercises, and finally, how to use the aforementioned texts to transition to document-based student writing tasks.

Paul Sandrock
April 16 -- 7:00pm (1 hour)
Establishing Clear Learning Targets for Ourselves and Our Students

Is this important? Will this be on the test? How do language learners and educators get a clear idea of the target for learning? Can-Do Statements connect the performance that is practiced and guided in a classroom setting to the proficiency goals for a course or program. Walk through a process of creating clear learning targets and the assessments to show evidence of success. Analyze how this process can help learners and teachers chart progress along the proficiency continuum.

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If you register for, log into, and remain online for the duration of a live NYSAFLT webinar, NYSAFLT will issue a certificate stating that you registered for and logged into the webinar. The determination of professional development credit is at the discretion of each individual school district. Check with your administrator for further details.

If you purchase a webinar to view "on demand" you must make your own arrangments with your school to determine if and/or how professional development credit can be awarded. NYSAFLT will not issue a certificate for "on demand" webinars. Only a receipt of payment will be sent if requested.

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