Remembering Robert J. Ludwig
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Name: Alex
E-mail address: tsemonov [at] gmail [dot] com

#27 Comment (Wed Apr 2, 9:53:46 EDT 2014):
Thanks! Very interesting post!

Subject: my uncle Bob"s passing
Name: david a seaman
E-mail address: dseaman2011 [at] hotmail [dot] com
Location: schenectady ny

#26 Comment (Sat Jun 25, 8:13:37 EDT 2011):
it was only recemtly I learned of my Uncles death. I had been estranged from him for many years due
to a STUPID family feud that started many years ago when I was a child. I have to say when I was
going through a very very difficult time I came to him out of the blue for help and he was there for
me. He was always good to me and understanding. he always gave good advice with I hardly ever took
but that was foolish. when I finally returned to repay his generosity I was informed by his helper
he was not well. I regret so much only thinking of myself and not seeing him, because I never got
another chance. let me use this opportunity to say my Uncle Bob was a GREAT man who any nephew would
be incredibly proud of. Let me also say a proper goodbye and rest in peace Uncle Bob

Subject: Bob Ludwig
Name: Roseann Lorefice
E-mail address: travbug [at] twcny [dot] rr [dot] com

#25 Comment (Sat Jan 22, 20:19:42 EST 2011):
I never think of NYSAFLT without thinking of Bob Ludwig. His genuine concern for all of us and his
advocacy for LOTE are/were unequaled. A truly good man who will be sorely missed.

Subject: Celebrating Bob Ludwig
Name: Virginia B. Levine
E-mail address: virginia.levine [at] cortland [dot] edu
Location: SUNY Cortland

#24 Comment (Sat Jan 22, 16:53:21 EST 2011):
On Tuesday we lost an extraordinary leader within the LOTE profession. Bob Ludwig was a pillar of
our beloved state organization, and the names "Bob" and "NYSAFLT" were
synonymous. I thank Bob for the many lessons he has taught us: to always maintain our passion for
foreign language teaching and learning; to always demand and live up to his exceedingly high
standards within the profession, and to tirelessly mentor those who will come after us.

Who could forget the Concord days, or the many organizational changes that followed--and which Bob
so professionally shepherded us through? Merci bien, cher ami--we will never forget you!

Name: Gary and Maria Milgrom
E-mail address: mmagma [at] earthlink [dot] net

#23 Comment (Fri Jan 21, 20:51:10 EST 2011):
For us Bob Ludwig will always be "Mr. NYSAFLT". His unmatched humanity and love of
foreign language were evident in his every action. We recall Bob's ability to address every
NYSAFLT member at the Annual Conferences by name. May the many of us who remember Bob Ludwig fondly
continue to honor his memory by supporting foreign language study and the state organization which
promotes it.

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