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Questions for the panel

  1. Now that we are a few years into the implementation of the Common Core State Standards, what impacts, positive or negative, do you see on LOTE programming?
  2. What can we learn from colleagues in other subject areas, especially English Language Arts and how can we incorporate this into LOTE instruction?
  3. How should we define rigor in the second language classroom?
  4. How do we see assessments evolving through the Common Core State Standards?


Francesco L. Fratto
2014 Colloquium Chair
The 2014 Colloquium will provide attendees with an opportunity to discuss and learn more about the Common Core. This NYSAFLT event, co-sponsored by COLT, will be given at a time in which politicians, educators, and parents are embroiled in a passionate discussion about its future. With the theme, “Bringing the Common Core to Life: Building Communication through Literacy”, the conference will feature a Panel Discussion by Lillian Carey, Laurie Clarcq, Nancy Ketz, and Marina Moran, as well as workshops covering an array of topics such as Common Core standards and assessments, close reading, alignment, speaking, graphic novels, and journaling. Please join us to exchange ideas on how CCSS should inform LOTE educators to think deeply about rigor across our Checkpoints. We are looking forward to seeing you in Albany!
May 3, 2014
Best Western Sovereign Hotel
Albany, NY

Introducing the distinguished panelists ...

Lillian Carey

Laurie Clarcq

Nancy Ketz

Marina Moran

Scheduled presenters for the Spring Colloquium 2014 include ...

Marisa Bel, Ph.D.

Laurie Clarcq

Shannon Clegg

Jen DeFalco

Cristina DiStasio 

Olga García

Mary Holmes 

Nancy Ketz 

Al Martino 

Susie Michel

Elizabeth Slocum 

Tara Tassani
Harry Grover Tuttle, Ed.D.


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